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Frequently Asked Questions - Transfer

Are the prices displayed Current?
All prices displayed on the website are current. The price displayed is the vehicle service fee for a one way transfer . If you cannot acquire a price for the desired destination from our internet site please fill out the online information form
for pricing information. Prices are 18% VAT inclusive .


How can I make a Reservation ? 
To make a reservation you are requred to fill out all the fields of the Reservation Form found on our website and email or via facebook it to us.


How can I find you at the Airport ?
Our staff member will be waiting for you at the Exit Doors of the Airport after you’ve gone through Baggage Claim and Passport Check, our staff will be holding a Company Logo or the word you specified previousely.


What do I do if I can not find the staff member?
Please call the mobile number that we have provided for you before boarding any other vehicles.


Are there any extra charges involved ?
No, you only need to pay the previously specified amount.


What Do I Do If the Airplane is Delayed ?
If your plane is delayed or redirected no extra costs will be incurred.Please call or send an sms to 
+90 850 532 11 22 to let us know of any delays.


Are there Baby Safety Seats in your Vehicles ? 
All our vehicles have at least one Baby safety seat present. Please notify if you require a Baby safety seat when making your Reservation.


Do the Vehicles have Airconditioning ?
Yes, all vehicles have airconditioning.


Will there be a problem if Baggage claim and Passport control takes longer than Half an hour?
A 30 minute delay during baggage claim and passport control is not a problem as there is a 60 minute delay period alotted, If there is a delay please contact us via the mobile phone number provided.


When can I make a Reservation ?
You can make online reservations 24 hours a Day, 7 Days a week .


Can I get an Invoice ?
Yes. Just give your invoice details when making your reservation.


How can I contact you at the Airport ?
When confirmation of your reservation is made contact telephone numbers will be given for the particular airport and city you are travelling to .


To which terminal will I be taken to on my return transfer ?
You will be taken to the terminal your plane departs from. 
Should I Tip ?
Tipping is up to the discretion of each individual customer.