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Frequently Asked Questions - Flyticket


How shortly can i book the Flight?

You can book everytime a flight, the passenger selfe is responsible to be on time at the check-in

Monday-Friday  you can reserve by our callcenter +90 242 319 1 247 to 6pm, or visit our Homepage www.247shuttletransfer.com for a easy and simple booking.

Saturdays you can reserve by our Callcenter +90 242 319 1 247 to 4pm, or visit our Homepage www.247shuttletransfer.com for a easy and simple booking.


I cant proceed with my booking because according to the message that appears on my screen 'the price has changed'. What does this mean exactly?

This is a rare but not impossible case. This message means that during your booking attempt another user has already bought the last available seat either on a specific booking class or generally. It may also mean that due to a temporary delay of the airline’s system update, some fares which have already been sold still appear to be available. In general terms, your booking is guaranteed only when you reach the "congratulations" page which confirms that your booking is successful and informs you about your e-ticket number and all necessary flight details. The same message is simultaneously sent to your mail address. Otherwise, please contact us at info@247shuttletransfer.com or call our reservations department.


Can I issue ticket for an infant the online system of 247shuttletransfer?

Yes you can as long as the infant is escorted by an adult passenger. There’s a fare discount for the infant according to the fare basis of the escort’s ticket.


I have accidentally misspelled my name during the ticket issuance process? How can I fix this?

Unfortunately, the airlines; policy is strict and precise about any name misspellings. Thus, once the ticket is issued and purchased name changes are not permitted. However, in such case please contact immediately our reservation department via mail (info@transfersonly.com) or phone and we will try to assist you in the best possible way.


In case I do not use my flight ticket (no show) am I entitled to any refund?

It depends on the fare terms and the airlines policy. In such case you may e-mail us at info@247shuttletransfer.com and we will inform you accordingly.

The fare terms are published in the exact same way as they are transmitted through the airlines’ online system, so we apologize in advance for any incomprehensible fare rules, which can be clarified by sending us a mail at info@247shuttletransfer.com.


I would like to travel with my pet. How do I proceed with all necessary arrangements?

We suggest you to contact either directly the airline or e-mail us at info@247shuttletransfer.com. In both cases further information will be needed in order to receive permission to embark your pet (kennel dimensions, pet’s weight etc.) Bear in mind that each airline has specific rules about passengers travelling with their pets, thus our agency will have to comply with the carrier’s policy. The airlines do not permit the pet’s embark unless the owner/passenger provides all its necessary health documents. Also some countries have special entry requirements so be sure that you collect all the necessary documents before travelling by seeking info from the country authority.


Do I have to double check and confirm my departure time before travelling?

This is not necessary although it would be wise to contact the airline before travelling in order to verify your departure time. Of course in case of flight cancellation or schedule change due to “force majeure”, (weather conditions, strikes etc.) 247shuttletransfer will do its best to notify you on time in written (through mail) provided that our agency is equally notified on time by the airline and always within our working hours.


I need disability assistance. Whom do I have to contact about it?

Please e-mail us at info@247shuttletransfer.com at least 48 hours before flight departure, so that we contact the airline and make sure you get the proper assistance.


How long before the flight departure do I have to be at the airport?

In general terms you have to be at the airport for the check in at least three hours before flight departure. Please bear in mind that each airline has its own policy about the check in time so you might need to contact the carrier before travelling. Usually you can proceed with web check in or mobile check in 24 hours before flight departure, with the airline locator or the e-ticket number you receive via mail from Tripair as soon as you complete successfully your booking. Sometimes it might get longer for your hand luggage to pass through the airport security checks so it is advised to allow plenty of time before arriving at the departure gate.


Does provide a safe environment for the insertion of my credit card details?

247shuttletransfer provides a safe and technologically advanced environment for your online purchases with payment through credit card. Through the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) your personal data reaches our server in encrypted form and in order to provide the maximum security standards we use a firewall which detects and excludes every non approved access from our server.